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Seattle Soccer on the Morning Radio! KUOW

kuowRight, I'm slowly getting back into the full swing of things now. Check this out!

My local public radio station (they're literally located 5 blocks from me) 94.9 KUOW will be doing a live soccer phone-in show, talking about the World Cup and soccer in Seattle.

The first round of knock-outs just ended, and the quarterfinals won't be until Friday. So if you've gotten used to waking up in the morning to get your soccer fix and you find that they are no games on, give them a listen and a call, and talk up tomorrow's match in Portland. The call-in number is 206-543-5869.

It'll be like the Fox Football Fone-In, only without having to look at Wynalda's smug mug and a million times better!

And of course, thanks for the tip, from everybody's favorite Laurie!

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