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Sorry sorry sorry everyone, I hope you'll excuse my absence. I promise it won't be a regular thing. I've had a hectic and brutal schedule of finals, woman friend family obligations, my own family flying back from all over the world for just a few short days, and oh, my own birthday. Times like these, I wish time could just stop time, or at least slow it down enough for me to play catch up. If I weren't such a fat winger, I could stay with the play of the game, eh?


Who: Boys in bright green VERSUS the irrelevant musketeers
What: A game
When: NOW Qwest Field/RBP 7:30
Why?: ARE you reading this, when you could be 1) drinking 2) watching the game 3) silently praying for some sort of home result that won't make me 4) repeat steps 1 and 2


3-2, Nyassi and Montero fortehwin? Gosh, I get more and more hesitant to call out results these days. Let's give me some of my confidence back boys.


Here are my notes. Now quickly, reactions of aldehydes and carboxylic acids...

early chance 3 minutes in

how am i watching a rev's broadcast stream, wtf
zak should have won that goal
noonan with some uneasy service, but he's doing well to get some revenge
brad evans looks hot
zakuani airlines, sending high above qwest field. good effort
spotted friends, got that over with fast
lol, stevie nicol was so pissed in his "talk to the coach segment" with the rev's broadcaster. awesome
wow, its working
its actually working
when freddie complains less, they get more calls their way, WHODATHUNK
NOONAN good god son, great spin and way to fight for your shot
MONTERO with some beautiful control YESYESYES
this might be my favorite game evar
mmm delicious, kasey giving tryone some orders
very classy, they show some fans with some signs for preston burpo to get well soon
and revs broadcast misses the fact that burpo was a longtime sounder, trust me we dont all love new england players that much

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