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Seattle v FC Dallas

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Where: Xbox Pitch at Qwest Field
When: 7:30PM
Who: FC Dallas
Why: Because we're all sobering up now that the month long party has ended

Necessary Chatter:

Official Sounders Matchday Info

Matchday Cheat Sheat (Sounder<3)
Dave Clark's Keys to the Game
No Freddie tonight
So, Updated Pre-Game Rosters
Another to reason to dread the upcoming WC hangover
Dallas coming off of win from KC Wizz
FC Dallas leader is former NFL exec

It's always hard to predict your starting lineup when three different sources give you three different sets of names, so I can't be certain that he's starting but I am for certain that he will see some playing time. But my key to the match:

This kid. Let's hope he lights it up tonight.