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Oops, Let's Not Be As Forgetful

Sorry about that. Somehow, an hour or two turned into a day or two. I had written this giant long blog post, but after staring at it for an hour or two it was starting to look more and more like a useless rant. Not that anything I put up here these days isn't exactly that. But I got bit forgetful, one thing skipped another, and I never put it up.

So let's hope that tonight the Sounders are not as forgetful as I am. The Sounders did well to ease the painful memory of two LA Galaxy losses in MLS by beating them in the US Open Cup. Earlier this season DCU came to Seattle and mopped us when we were expected to win. Can Kasey's stellar unbeaten starting record in RFK hold so that we can maybe erase the humiliating home loss? Or just anything to give Onalfo a hard time? I don't try to hide my open, festering love for Captain Curt. So I'm reeeeally hoping we kick his butt.

I had put it in my now even more useless useless post, but Blaise was set to travel to DC to meet the team there. He's eligible to officially be on the roster. I don't think he'll suit up or play, since he hasn't even trained has trained briefly (by that I mean take shots) with the team in DC, so he'll likely sit and watch his first ever MLS game on the bench. Of course, Sigi could blow us all away by starting an unfit but very motivated Blaise who could then immediately break all MLS scoring records and make us all wonder "Who's Henry?"

In any case, our first sit down interview from official dot com.

Anyways, kickoff is minutes away at 5:00PM PST. The game is ESPN's MLS showcase of the week. I think now is the time we'll truly see whether or not we get the "World Cup" bump in terms of ratings, as this is the first national broadcast soccer game since Paul of Barcelona won the World Cup. No background chatter from me or other Sounders sources, as this game is away from home. Not necessarily less pressure, but I think I'll try to enjoy this game.

Key to the Match: Kasey Keller

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