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Gamethread: 1st Leg CCL Sounders v Metapan

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Seattle Sounders FC v AC Isidiro Metapan of El Salvador in a match that matters.

Match Day Quick Reference Card
Sounders taking match seriously
Keys to Game
CCL Primer

CONCACAF's Website for the Champions League


Nyassi Seamon Montano
Gonzalez Vagenas Riley
Graham Marshall

BENCH: : Boss, Parke, Wahl,  Alonso, Montero, Zakuani, Estrada


Metapan Lineup: GK Alfaro, D Alvarado, D Prado, D Aquino, D Menendez, M Jimenez, M Mejia, M Umana, F Suarez, F Canales, F Flores

Let's see how they play before we call that a 4-3-3

This is your Gamethread