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Officially Official: El Flaco Ha Llegado


Plastered all over the Sounders website is the news of Alvaro Fernandez arrival in Seattle. In fact, Seattle waited until he came and practiced for the first time before they officially announced it, almost as if we were all waiting on the edge of our seats with no clue as to who he is. Oh, but we know.

Anyways, in the picture above you can see the incredible farmer's tan developing on Patrick Ianni's right arm, though I really do hope it's equally intense on his left arm or it would be really awkward. Oh wait! Look, you can see El Flaco! I almost missed him standing right in front of Patrick, because, well, as his Spanish nickname implies, the guy is a stick.

What do you guys think of our big summer signing? Can he and Blaise combine to give us what we want? More importantly, can they give us what we need?

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