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Galaxy 3 Sounde... Oh look! Nkufo Arriving!

Own goal. Keeper miscommunication. Unfinished chances. The Sounders slumped to a typical 3-1 defeat in Los Angeles thanks to returning World Cup leaders.

Scratch all of that. I had a fantastic 4th of July yesterday, and I'm sure many of you were also able to celebrate our nation's birth without having to submit yourselves to yet another Seattle loss on the road. I really have nothing new to say about the fashion of the loss that I haven't already said before. So I'll save it for another game, where we actually have a chance of winning. LA are just too hot this season, and with Landon and Buddle back, it was a tall order to even grab one point out of two games with the Galaxy. With grim maturity, or more simply willing laziness, I say, moving on.

Today, all over the official Sounders website, was this notice that Blaise Nkufo will be arriving July 13th.

Our backroom was smart enough to give Blaise a full two weeks off. No doubt, after a long Twente season and World Cup duty, Blaise will need to be nurtured back to full playing mode when typically he's off fishing this time of year. Unlike the unexplainable machine that is Landon Donovan, who doesn't know the meaning of "burnt out", I'd rather have another LA loss but a physically and mentally fit striker ready for the long remainder of the season.

So with that announcement, he'll be training on the 13th, and is eligible to play on the 15th against DC United. Then there's merely 3 days before the friendly against Celtic. I'm thinking it will depend on how much of him shows up ready in training, but he'll likely step on as a sub in DC and possibly start Celtic.

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