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Your unofficial Seattle World Cup viewing guide (updated for Semifinals)

Watching the World Cup has been like a part-time job for me, literally up to the point where I actually appreciated the days off.

Hopefully that doesn't sound like I'm burnt out or anything but the reality is that I've spent more time watching soccer in the past few weeks than I have spent watching almost any other one thing in the past year. I also have to admit that I'm feeling a little guilty about having the time to do this...

But we're finally in the homestretch and I, for one, plan on enjoying it. Today, I'm heading out to the Kangaroo & Kiwi to watch the Uruguay-Netherlands match. Don't have a plan for Wednesday, yet, but I definitely don't intend to be doing it at home.

One notable addition to the list of places to watch is the Sounders will be hosting a viewing party for the final at Seattle Center's Fisher Pavilion. Admission is free.

Finals viewing parties

Fisher Pavilion: The Sounders have finally got in on the act and will be hosting a viewing party at one of the hall's in Seattle Center. The game will be projected onto a 10'-by-14' screen. The event also kicks off the celebration of France's Bastille Day at Seattle Center. 

Spitfire Grill: Gorilla FC is continuing to host their viewing party here.

Nord Alley:  Near Occidental Park in Pioneer Square. It looks like all the 11:30 a.m. games will be shown, as well as the quarters, semis, third-place match and championship. Admission is free and there are supposed to be food vendors there as well, but it will be a dry event. They packed in about 130 people for the U.S.-England match, but haven't been able to find out anything about the other matches.


George & Dragon (world cup schedule): The Fremont stand-by will open for all the games, have a beer garden for big games. They'll also be replaying games later in the day.

Azzurri: The wine bar/restaurant/cafe named after the Italian national team loves calcio like few others. They'll be opening for all the games.

LTD Bar & Grill: It's a pretty standard sports bar most of the time -- lots of high-def big screen TVs, shuffleboard, videogames -- but they have been making a real effort during World Cup. 

Dubliner Pub: Another place that's definitely not a footy pub most of the time, they too have been opening early for World Cup games.

The Ballroom: They just redid their patio and even have hi-def big screens outside.

9 Million in Unmarked Bills: Another place that's doesn't normally cater to the soccer crowd, but has been opening early for matches. They have solid food and a decent patio (although no TVs there) in the same location where the Triangle used to be.

Red Door: They have a great patio, but am not sure if there's a TV out there.

West Seattle

Beveridge Place Pub: Classic ale house is opening early (just 11 a.m., crazies) for the U.S.-Ghana match and at 6:30 for the England-Germany match. Can't vouch for the footy bonafides, but some of the SounderatHeart community have been meeting there.

North Seattle

All Nations Soccer Bar and Restaurant: If you are in the northern Seattle neighborhoods, this is as good a bet as any. They'll be open for all games. If you plan to go, it's probably best to call ahead as they take reservations and tend to fill up. At the very least, you can follow their Twitter account @AllNationsBar.

Near Green Lake

St. Andrews: Unfortunately still haven't made it out there, but it's supposed to be a very solid atmosphere.

Atlantic Crossing: Made a name by hosting ESPN cameras during the U.S.-Algeria match. I'm sure there will be plenty of people there for the rest of the matches.

Kangaroo and Kiwi (world cup schedule): Basically across the street from St. Andrews on the west side of Green Lake (yes, I realize that means it's not really in the "Greenlake neighborhood"). Serve one of the best bloody marys I've ever had.

Phinney Ridge

Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Association: The Phinney Neighborhood Center will be showing the rest of the games. This seems like a legit family event, meaning face painting and the whole 9. They have a 8'-by-14' movie screen for games, food, face-painting and free wi-fi.

The Dray: Yet another place that will be showing every game live. 

Capitol Hill

Cafe Presse: Better known for its coffee and French bistro fare, this place does love its soccer. They'll be keeping pretty standard hours, but that still means they'll be open for the 7 a.m. games.

Summit Public House: Another favorite haunt of various Sounders supporters groups, they aren't showing a whole lot of games live that don't involve the U.S., but they make my list by virtue of their hosting a pig-roast for the U.S-England match. 

Watertown Coffee and Saloon: They are opening at 6:30 a.m. for all World Cup days. They also have an awesome ping-pong table.


Market Arms: The long-rumored sister pub to George & Dragon is finally open. I'm sure you'll find plenty of fans there. 

Ballard Loft: For whatever reason, they have no mention of World Cup festivities on their website. I do know that they opened early for many matches, though.

Vague Downtown vicinity

5 Points Cafe: The famous all-night cafe will be bringing in extra TVs and already has a happy hour from 6 a.m.-9 a.m.

Fado Irish Pub: If you live near Pioneer Square, it's a pretty solid choice. I understand that it's been quite lively, especially for U.S. matches.

Temple Billiards: One of the best happy hour deals in the city will be opening early for many World Cup matches.

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