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We don't do much EPL in these parts - but we know people who do

I am a Sounder. We are Sounders. If you like another team, we'll try to help you out though.
I am a Sounder. We are Sounders. If you like another team, we'll try to help you out though.

I am a Sounder.


I discovered this a couple decades ago. Back when I lived in CA, GA, TX, AZ, MO, TN, KY, NC, and Kuwait. I didn't want to live anywhere else. I wanted to be a Sounder. I am a Sounder at Heart. It is my passion. Not just for the team, but for the life I live.

I can't root for a team with which I don't have a strong connection.

But if you want EPL news, this network has a ton of great stuff for you.

It starts at the top at where Richard will hook you up with a ton of general interest articles on the league that most call the best. He's got predictions, players to watch, and who ended the season on high notes as we enter week one.

Graham just launched the Chelsea blog, if you appreciate a team that pulls in trophies without history.

Aston Villa gets love from Aaron, Kirsten and Gareth. They're doing great work on the lower leagues of England as well.

Everton, that team that once had Donovan, has their Royal Blue flying on SBN.

Bitter but Blue, in Manchester's "other" team? We hook you up as well.

John Rooney's older brother plays for the more well known Manchester, and you can follow him too.

Kasey Keller and Brian McBride both use to play at the Cottage, for a team once known as Fulham USA. And if you are into a team with a great connect to America, check out Fulham.

I'm the kind of guy that likes style over substance, so I'll always be partial to Arsenal. Where the short fuse threatens to go off at any moment.

General thoughts on Europe and England wind up going off the bar and out, in a snark filled yet passionate manner.

So as the European and English seasons get started, if that's your passion (or your second passion) show the blog of your favorite team some love. If you like one of those teams, help us build that community. If you like another team, I know the guy in charge of filling out that roster (its not me). We'll keep adding soccer blogs.

The season is right around the corner in that part of the world.

Here at Sounder at Heart, myself, Jeremiah, Carlos and others will continue to bring you up to date on the Rave Green's attempts at a Double or more. And the chances seem to keep getting better as the SBN bloggers have Seattle actually getting first tier votes this week.

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