Latin is for Smarties

As we all know, tifo and other sports-related signage is just the modern incarnation of heraldry. When ancient warriors took the battlefield, their heralds would fly their colors and symbols in order to identify themselves and intimidate the enemy. And as we all also know, one of the best parts of heraldry is the motto, a short phrase or statement that epitomizes the spirit of the warrior (or the club), usually in Latin.

It's already a well-established practice for football clubs to have mottos, including Liverpool's well known 'You Will Never Walk Alone' and Everton's Nil Satis Nisi Optimum (Latin for "Only the best is good enough")

While it's up to the club and its representatives to consider an official motto for the team, I think it'd be fun to come up with a motto for the fans, representing our ability to roar the team on 36,000 strong, unlike any other group of fans in the league.

Feel free to leave your contributions in the comments. While Latin isn't required, it gives extra smarty points. Here's my contribution, with hopefully correct Latin grammar:

Nos audietis in somniis
Nos audietis in inferno

(You will hear us in your dreams. You will hear us in hell).

I like it for the ability to chop it down, depending on space available, to just one or the other, or to just Nos audietis (You will hear us). Thoughts? Better ideas? Fire up the Latin!

Edit: Commenter Tohoya points out that the long motto would be more chant-appropriate if it contained the same number of syllables in both lines. That's a good point and I admit I hadn't really thought of chanting it. He/she recommends 'in cruce' (meaning on the cross, or in pain, or potentially 'in hell' with some poetic license). Another possibility is 'in altum', which I've always liked because it can mean either 'in the depths' or 'in the heights'. Basically, anything with a lot of elevation. There's a famous Latin saying 'Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur', meaning 'anything said in Latin sounds deep'. So the full motto would be:

Nos audietis in somniis
Nos audietis in altum

(You will hear us in your dreams. You will hear us in the deep)

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