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Guessing Lineups for US Open Cup SemiFinal

UPDATE: With the lineup for this match being a bit of a crapshoot, we've decided to have some fun with our projected lineup. Instead of taking our best guess, we're going to use the power of groups. At about 11 a.m., we'll take all the submitted lineups and create a projected lineup from your predictions. We've got about 10 in there now, if you'd like to participate please submit ASAP.

(On the lineup for tomorrow . . .) “If we think a guy is ready, we are going to play him. We are looking at situations, ‘Oh, OK. This guy has done well at training. It’s pretty close between these two guys. So maybe this guy has got a knock or is a little bit fatigued so we are going to make a change there.’ But in general, we are going to try and play the guys who are ready and able and healthy and well and it’s going to be our best team that we put out there.”

That's Coach Sigi Schmid at practice today.

Now, Jeremiah and I are in that period of time where we bat around ideas and guesses for the lineup cards. Normally we do fairly well. In fact, for tomorrow we have agreed on every position but one.

But I'm interested in what you guys think that bolded line means, and who you think will be starting.

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