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Depth Chart Heading into Two Week Road Trip of Four Games

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With the injury to James Riley, and the many other long term injuries, a team that has once been seen as deep is now stretched to fill the 18 man roster. In the next two weeks Seattle will travel thousands of miles (it will vary highly based on how many times they decide to return home). It is a two week stretch that will challenge the team to field a healthy 18, and will finally determine Seattle's ability to make it out of the Group Stage of the CONCACAF Champions League.

The Trip

@ San Jose, Costa Rica - 3,400 miles between cities (travel will be much further due to lack of direct flights)
@ Columbus, OH - 2,000 miles (also no direct flights on standard air)
@ Monterrey, Mexico - 1,900 miles (no direct flights as well)
@ Chicago, IL - 1,700 miles (hey, there are actually direct flight for this one)

It has been a while since a depth chart update, and we'll look at this one by role groupings (Forwards, Wingers, Center Mids, Fullbacks, Centerbacks) and go five deep in each role based on the current health of the team and recent usage patterns. We'll list Goal +/- per 90, Shots +/- per 90 and Points per 90 (2*G+A = Pt). All stats are for League Play only. Sources for Plus/Minus, for PP90.

FORWARDS - Fredy Montero (G P/M -0.1, Sh P/M +1.5, PP90 1.35), Blaise Nkufo (1.3, 1.8, 0), Nate Jaqua (-0.3, -4.7, 0), Roger Levesque (0.2, 0.4, 0.36), Mike Fucito (1.8, 5.5, 3.83)
WINGERS - Steve Zakuani (-0.2, 1.7, 0.97), Alvaro Fernandez (0.5, 4.2, 0.78), Sanna Nyassi (0.2, 6.7, 0.34), Levesque, David Estrada (-3.1, -2.1, 0)
CENTER MIDS - Osvaldo Alonso (0.0, 0.4, 0.13), Nathan Sturgis (-0.1, 2.4, 0.09) , Michael Seamon (-0.6, -4.6, 0.29), Alvaro Fernandez, Leo Gonzalez
FULLBACKS - Gonzalez (-0.2, 1.9, 0.15), Zach Scott (1.3, -2.2, 0), Tyson Wahl (-0.4, 0.0, 0), Sturgis, Patrick Ianni
CENTER BACKS - Jeff Parke (0.1, 1.4, 0), Ianni (0.0, 2.4, 0), Tyrone Marshall (-0.4, 1.8, 0), Taylor Graham (0, 0 ,0), Sturgis
KEEPER - Kasey Keller (-0.1, 1.3, 0.04), Terry Boss (0.0, -10.0, 0)

INJURED - Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Peter Vagenas, Brad Evans, Pat Noonan, James Riley.

Bolded players are Starters. Standard font are Rotationals. Italics are Substitutes.

At Center Mid and Centerback we have two players clearly out of position, but capable. Leo Gonzalez played a LDM during a single US Open Cup game. Sturgis could spot a few minutes at the centerback, but if the team needs him there the amount of injuries in the game is probably so high that Seattle won't be winning the match.

This is my interpretation of what Sigi is likely to be doing at this time. It is notable that Miguel Montano still isn't playing, though with the injuries I expect he will be traveling. Seattle is still 3 starters down, and if that feels familiar, it is.

Is there anywhere you think I'm wrong?
Who would you move up if you were the coach?

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