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Sagarin vs Remaining Schedule

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We've looked at Sagarin's MLS ratings periodically throughout the season, and Seattle has always been right in the 7-10 range. Currently the Sounders sit at 8th. With merely 6 games left until the MLS Cup Playoffs start, let's look at how Sagarin predicts the season will play out for the team.

@ Crew - Loss
@ Fire - Loss
v TFC - Win
v  @ Wizards - Win Draw
v Chivas - Win
@ Dynamo - Draw

That would be a road to 8 points, for 43 41 on the season. And a supposed "run" into the Playoffs making Seattle dangerous, because they would be "on a roll." Of course, having those two easier teams at home will bring some joy to Seattle fans, but it won't be preparation for the Playoffs. In fact the Sounders now only face one likely playoff team in these final weeks (twice actually due to the US Open Cup Final - to buy tickets call 800-745-3000).

At 41 points Seattle is likely to be the 8th seed, at this time, by certain methodologies. And while the seeding in the first round doesn't matter too much, I'd prefer the 7th rather than 8th. With the 8 seed Seattle would face Columbus 4 times in less than 6 weeks - regular season, US Open Cup Final, @Qwest for first leg, and @Crew Stadium for second leg.

With a two leg first round, the higher seed does not have a huge advantage, and with the Sounders likely to be jumping Conferences they will almost certainly go through both of New York and Columbus. I'd rather try the Crew only once.

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