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Gamethread: Sounders vs. Saprissa, third leg CCL group stage

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First things first, read our Saprissa scouting report

Here's the lineups from the Twitter feeds: GK Boss, D Scott, D Graham, D Marshall, D Gonzalez, M Sturgis, M Alonso, M Zakuani, M Nyassi, F Montero (Cpt), F Levesque; Bench: Keller, Fucito, Wahl, Nkufo, Fernandez, Keller, Seamon, Parke. Saprissa: Gonzalez, Cordero, Sirias, Centeno, Paniagua, Badilla, Arrieta, Guzman, Alonso, Blanco, Sequeira.

This is probably the Sounders' last best chance to stay alive in their CCL group. A win, combined with Monterrey win over Marathon, would put them right back in the thick of the race for the second spot. A tie, also assuming a Monterrey win, would keep them alive. A loss, especially if Marathon gets a result, would leave the Sounders in fourth place and six points out of the No. 2 spot. At that point, you have to imagine strategies would change significantly and the Sounders would probably start treating CCL as more of a nuisance.

But let's focus on today. The Sounders face an uphill battle if for no other reason than Saprissa is very good at home. They aren't as dominant as they once were, but the Sounders have not exactly looked great when playing outside of the United States (no wins in three games this season).

On a personal note, hope you missed me.