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Sounders vs. Monterrey, Gamethread

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Our match card l CCL home advantage l Our old Monterrey scouting report

Looks like lineups are in, and we did pretty good on the Sounders: Boss, Scott, Marshall, Graham, Wahl, Estrada, Fernandez, Seamon, Montano, Fucito, Jaqua. Estrada was the only one our group approach missed. The Sounders are going with youth, and it looks like Flaco will get a shot in the middle.

Monterrey is not exactly using their B team, but it's not their A team either: Orozco, Meza, Davino, Morales, de Nigris, Carreno, Ayovi, Mier, Paredes, Perez, Arellano.

As you should know by now, the Sounders need a result to stay alive in CCL. A tie could be enough to keep a glimmer of hope alive as long as Saprissa doesn't win. A win could put us back in contention. If you read the CCL home advantage piece linked above, you'll know that is an uphill battle.