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Mexican League to Add Goal-Line Referees

It was a subtle little bit of news that was in a Grant Wahl tweet, but it deserves so much more.

CONCACAF's Chuck Blazer tells me Mexican league to be 1st domestic league in world to add 2 goal-line referees per game (starts in January).

This new change has been used in the Group Stage of the Europa League last season, and in the UEFA Champions League this year. From conversations with a few people who follow those competitions, the change is hardly noticeable.

Goal-line referees are to be quite similar to the Assistant Referees, but they are only responsible for play inside the 18, and goal/no-goal situations. It is an idea that makes sense.

Heculez Gomez likes the change (he's the former Sounder now in Mexico). It isn't going to solve every issue with refereeing in the game, and especially in the first year it will probably have more mistakes.

In the long-term though it will lead to greater development of overall refereeing, lower simulation in the box and should reduce the scrum on set-plays inside the 18 as there will be more eyes on the play.

The real question I have is why is Mexico taking the lead on this positive development and not Major League Soccer? Money is the simple response, but MLS needs the refereeing help more.

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