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Mike Fucito from Chicago Q&A with Sounder at Heart

Mike Fucito and I chatted just before I head out on a quick little camping trip.

I first asked about the difference between charter and commercial travel.

Mike Fucito: We can get our passports checked and just jump right on the plane. It saves a lot of time, especially going to Monterrey or some place like that.  It makes things easier. Obviously having our own plane it is lot more comfortable.

Will Hesmer of the Columbus Crew recently commented about the Sounders travel, do you think that MLS needs to get to the point that it is all charter all the time? Sure, its spending other peoples money.

Fucito: I can't speak for how other teams travel but Seattle does a great job of taking care of us. We can't charter all the time, but they've come up big for us. MLS isn't at the point where we can do that all the time, but its a progression and things are getting better every year.

DC: The young guys all came out with fresh, aggressive legs against Monterrey. Was that more coaching or the four guys really wanting to prove themselves to the team and to the fans that they may not get much time, but they can do something with it when they get that opportunity.

Fucito: We were given that opportunity by the coaches. That was my first start, and yes, a little bit of adrenaline and wanting to prove ourselves; not just to the coaches, but to our teammates as well. The fans were watching from afar, but them too.

DC: It was your first start, how different was that from your times in the 18, and change your gameday preparation.

Fucito: For overall preparation I have the same routine that I go through. Its a little bit different mindset starting, because you are warming up right away. Your approach changes a little bit as you get closer to game time. When you get the chance to play you perform at your best, whether that's 20 or 90 minutes.

DC: Seattle fans got to see you take advantage and score a goal, and you were a contributor to the first one. Was there talk about how significant an MLS victory would have been in Mexico at half time, or was it just another chance for a win?

Fucito: There was definitely talk prior to the game. We knew that no US team had won in Mexico, not even the National Team. So that was on everyone's mind. But regardless of that stat. We were going against Monterrey and they are a really good team.

DC: This weekend you are in League play again against a team that is teetering on elimination, so how does the team approach the game at Chicago this weekend?

Fucito: I think similar to the game against Columbus, or every game. For us, Chicago is behind us, but its like a playoff game. If we can get three points they can behind us for good. They are a good team, so we have to play well. We just need to build off that win in Columbus last week, and come out with that same energy. Keep it simple and keep their score at zero.

DC: Its definitely easy to get points if the other team scores zero. You and Nate had an intriguing tactic, in that often times you applied the defensive pressure, but on offense he would be more the point man. Is that due to your speed?

Fucito: Nate and I complement each other very well. Offensively it makes more sense for him to be the target guy. He's big and strong. He's going to win a lot of headers, so I'm just going to get myself into a position where I have the opportunity to use his strengths in the air, and I'll try to use my strengths and run off of Nate. Obviously, that changes throughout the game and he can send balls on.

DC: What's the next step for you? More of Mike Fucito in the 18 late, or more of you starting in the CCL?

Fucito: I think right now I'm going to produce any way I can. Ultimately it is the coach's decision, but I have put myself in the conversations about whether I'm going to be a sub or starting in the Champions League. I want to be in those conversations. But whatever the coaches decide I support, I'm just going to do my part and capitalize when given the opportunity.

DC: You've scored with a green top and with a yellow top, so they just need to make certain you appear with a blue one soon so you can get all three uniforms out of the way.

Fucito: [laughter] That would be nice, yeah. 

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