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Scandal! Outrage! New York Fans Steal From Fredy What is Rightfully His! Except...Kind of...Not

I am really, really trying to work up some outrage here. Hold on...

Okay, still working. Give me a second...

Crap. Can't do it. Sorry. Maybe you can help.

Because apparently our own Fredy Montero's goal of the week award was...was hijacked this week! By sinful and wayward RBNY fans! Who wanted to give it to Dane Richards instead! And they seem to have succeeded!

Allow me to allow MLS Rumors to take it from here:

Sounders fans thought Montero had won and they had a good reason to as he did when the poll was closed. Even Red Bull New York fans thought Richards had lost:

From Metrofantic member: "adiamas"

I regret to inform you that their lying cheating bastards were better than our lying cheating bastards. Richards lost.

However by the time MLS checked their results this morning Dane Richards had jumped ahead due to the phantom Unix voting after the deadline.

This was not by accident or computer error but by design and due to the fact that at the time the polls close (midnight central time) no one is in MLS Headquarters to check the poll results. Instead they wait until the next day and by that time the results had changed.

Or, in other words, our belove Fredy won. Before he lost. Which means that Dane Richards is technically the MLS goal of the week winner for last week. By officially recognized shenanigans if not by fact.

Which, let's be honest, is kind of humorous. Because seriously, did we Seattlites not kind of invent vote-hacking? And if we didn't? Why the hell not? Have we lost our edge? Are we missing that home-of-Microsoft tech-mecca ingenuity? Because seriously, if we can be out-hacked by people from freaking NEW YORK, we do not deserve to win.

(Realize here that I am completely ignoring the substance of the issue, which is my heretical view that Dane Richards' goal was actually better than the Fredy goal that was nominated. If they'd nominated Fredy's exquisite first goal from the Chicago game, however, I might not be nearly so sanguine.)

And so, inconclusion, Fredy fans...

Oh, wait. You mean this isn't over yet? Apparently it is not. According to, again, MLS Rumors:

UPDATE#3: Apparently not to be outdone, Seattle fans voted after the poll closed on Polldaddy to show how flawed the system is and Montero is now ahead.

One word, MLS, will protect you from this humiliation in the future:



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