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This USOC Video is Amazing! (And a few odds and ends about tonight's game)

So I should probably be thinking about a preview for the Revs-Sounders match tonight. (4:30 pacific, I'm assuming on KONG in the Seattle area.) But, hey, I'm just the temp help, and the boss is gone. So I can basically post whatever I want. And I want to post this video of Wednesday's USOC semi, which is amazing. (By which I'm referring to the video. But the match was also amazing. If you weren't there, you should have been.)

Back on topic, though, the Jaqua vs. Blaise debate has been settled for tonight by... Blaise getting injured. So I'm guessing we'll see Fredy and Nate up top, just like Wednesday. We could do a lot worse.

Can't find an official injury report (because basically I'm that lazy), but Nathan Sturgis was limping pretty heavily after the game Wednesday, and I'm thinking I saw an icepack. So I wouldn't be surprised to see Mike Seamon get the start. And with Sanna Nyassi still in Gambia for national duty, I'm thinking it will be Alvaro and Zak and Alonso completing the midfield.

And Ianni and Parke should be well-rested, and Leo's back from suspension so let's expect good stuff defensively too.

Crap. I just kind of almost did a preview, didn't I?

Hate when that happens.

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