The Draft Cometh

The MLS Superdraft process is coming to an end. The last games of the combine finished this morning and the draft is happening on Thursday in Baltimore. It’s been a great excuse to keep up with the Sounders during the off season and learn more about the college game. I wrote my first fan-post on some of the prospects at fullback and center-midfield and quickly found myself continuing to write more about the prospects and the combine.

It was a fun and intriguing process for me and hopefully insightful for some of the regular readers here at SAH. I’ve certainly picked up some favorites in the process and it will be fun next year to see how they do in MLS (and the USL for many of them). I wanted to wrap up the whole process now that I’ve seen all the prospects I’ve been posting about play in the combine. I often write to think so this has been a great way to solidify my thoughts on the whole process.

So, I’ve decided to break down each of the picks for the Sounders and put down that I think would be good choices for the Sounders. In each pick I’m going to list 2-3 Targets of Opportunity, players that probably won’t be available for the Sounders at that pick, but would be excellent choices if they drop down the draft board. Also, with so many picks in the 2nd round, the Sounders will have multiple opportunities for the players they want. I’m also going to list 3-5 Solid Picks that probably will be available and would be good choices for the Sounders. Listed after the name is the position I envision them playing for the Sounders and the overall grade from Pro Player Pipeline.

I don’t have the same kind of access or knowledge of the college game that writers for Soccer by Ives, WV Hooligan or Pro Player Pipeline have. But it’s fun for me and hopefully interesting to you. So, please enjoy and argue with my picks in the comments section! :-)

11th Pick (First Round)
-Targets of Opportunity: Kofi Sarkodie (RB/A-), Zarek Valentine (RB/A-) & Omar Salgado (TF/B)
-Solid Picks: Michael Tetteh (LB/-), Jalil Anibaba (CB/B+) & Zak MacMath (GK/B)

21st Pick (Second Round)
-Targets of Opportunity: Victor Estupinan (TF/-), Cole Grossman (CM/C) & Steven McCarthy (CDM/C)
-Solid Picks: Bilil Ducket (RB/B-), Tyler Lassiter (CDM/B) & Bobby Warshaw (CDM/C+)

27th Pick (Second Round)
-Targets of Opportunity: John Rooney (CM/-) & Ashley McInnes (WF/B-)
-Solid Picks: Rich Balchan (CDM/B), JT Murray (LB/C+), Daniel Keat (CAM/C+) & Jeff Attinella (GK/C)

29th Pick (Second Round)
-Targets of Opportunity: Paolo Cardozo (IW/-) & Ryan Kinne (WF/B-)
-Solid Picks: Amani Walker (TF/C+), CJ Sapong (TF/C+), Diego Restrepo (GK/C) & Eddie Ababio (RB/C)

47th Pick (Third Round)
-Targets of Opportunity: Chris Korb (RB/C-) & Matt Gold (CM/C)
-Solid Picks: Demetrius Omphroy (RB/C-) & Steven Beattie (CM/C+)

Supplemental Draft
-Solid Picks: Dustin McCarty (CDM/D-) & Greg King (CDM/D-)

*Abbreviations: Box-to-Box Central Midfielder (CM), Center Attacking Midfielder (CAM), Center Defensive Midfielder (CDM), Center-Back (CB), Goalkeeper (GK), Inverted Winger (IW), Left-Back (LB), Target Forward (TF), Right-Back (RB) and Withdrawn-Forward (WF).

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