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MLS Draft 2011 Recap: First Round Maneuvering Rules the Day

When analyzing how this draft works out for the Sounders almost all of the attention will be on Michael Tetteh. Sure, he was only picked 20th, so most would have low expectations, but let's remember this line that Adrian Hanauer told Jeremiah yesterday,

Even the trading down thing was really risky, but we felt like the potential rewards were higher than the risk. We guaranteed some allocation money and still had our four picks in top 29. I'm really not kidding you when i say it was just a shockingly fortunate draft.

They got the guy they wanted, put more allocation dollars in the tank and then proceeded to get 4 more guys they wanted. There are differing opinions as to how the Sounders draft went. Pro Player Pipeline only gives it about a 76% with 4 Cs and a B-.

Others though are a little higher.

3four3 blog's Gary has seen a bit of Michael Tetteh. To say that he was impressed would be a bit of an undersell.

However, I think he makes a strong case as an outside back. Forget his defensive responsibilities, his potential to be special is in his play on the ball. He has the technical quality of a midfielder and the capacity to open up defenses with his runs on the wing. This is something the US also lacks. Our defenders are horrific on the ball when compared to their international counterparts. Where’s our Danny Alves and Maicons?

Well, MLS might have a closer version with Tetteh.

Technical Quality: 8
Soccer IQ = 7
Physical = 8

As a SoCal based coach I asked him about the other players, and he gave us this insight into Carrasco

I have never seen Cervando Carrasco play.
What I can tell you is that our player, who went to the Vegas combine, told us that this kid was the ONLY player of the lot who had game. I completely trust our boy's opinion (he knows). 

Seattle went into this looking to add depth at outside mid, fullback, center mid and keeper. Let's review who will at least fill out the Reserve level through this Draft. A new look at the Depth Chart will be forthcoming.

20 - Michael Tetteh - Left Wingback, Left Midfielder, Left Wing
21 - Juan Cruz - Centerback, Right back - you can follow him on twitter
27 - Servando Carrasco - Center Defensive Mid, Center Mid
29 - Bryan Meredith - Keeper
47 - Alex Caskey - Center Mid

What intrigues me most though is that Seattle was just using a different draft board than everyone else. These are talents they wanted, and could have seen going higher. Sure the roster is a bit packed right now. There may need to be some creativity in shoehorning everyone into the roster space and salary cap.

But that's one of the things that Hanauer and Co. like about the league. It isn't just money, but a certain skill and talent to find players who fit. Yesterday, the Seattle Sounders FO managed to get creative enough to find a first round talent in the 2nd round. While they didn't get the high-end talent that trading up would have, the depth added grants them a grade of a B+.

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