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Supplementary Draft = SuperDraft Part Two

Goalkeeper crisis? What crisis?

Seattle nailed the last remaining draft day targets in today's MLS Supplemental Draft. Basically, it was the last three rounds of the 2011 SuperDraft. Let's see...

Back-up goalkeeper battle? Check.

Signing a local prospect? Check.

Sigi rounding off his target list composed exclusively from UC schools? Check plus.

That brings Sigi and Co.'s haul to a ridiculous eight draftees. Oh, and the hardest lifetime achievement award to pronounce (say it like "chiz-o-wich"?).

But the activity of the scouts and coaches in getting players peeped and signatures signed is sure to pay off. Epic pre-season training camp battles for a limited number of spots might actually give our veterans, who at times last season looked complacent and unmotivated, a reminder that their spots are not so secure. With so many off-season acquisitions hungrily going for MLS' minimum wage salary, it will definitely be interesting to see how this plays out.

Even better, now with the concept of the reserve league fully established, it's no longer such a gamble and waste to sign this monster amount of talent. In the past, Sigi would have used all these picks just to whip the first team into shape and then dump them off without a care, but now I'm thinking these are all prospects we could keep permanently and legitimately build off of. However, it does make you wonder if Sigi has plans to offload any of the current roster.

So, welcome aboard the Sounder train Josh Ford, Corey Attaway, and Sean Morris.

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