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Diego Forlan To Seattle Sounders: Forreals Or Not, It's A Positive Sign

Diego Forlan is linked to Seattle Sounders. Don't laugh, it isn't impossible, and Seattle is a premier destination now.
Diego Forlan is linked to Seattle Sounders. Don't laugh, it isn't impossible, and Seattle is a premier destination now.

Initially the rumors seemed unreal. A star, a legitimate star of a World Cup was being connected with the Sounders just because his Uruguay teammate, Alvaro Fernandez, plays here. Today, things got more interesting. Chris Reiko relayed a report that Forlan had an offer from Seattle. Ives had a series of tweets related to this as well (here, here, here).

Now, Forlan and his Golden Ball aren't coming to Seattle soon. At least one would think not as he and his club would have to agree on severance, and they aren't meeting until February. While the Euro-based reports say that he's not moving anywhere due to a transfer window, as usual they are ignoring those leagues with a winter Primary Window - like MLS. He's pure offensive talent like MLS has never seen. He can be a second striker, a center forward, a left wing, a right wing.  From the World Cup to the present day he has 16 goals, 3 assists, while placing slightly more than 40% of his shots on goal. Last year was even better. Forreals.

Diego is pricey though; more expensive than Tottenham can afford. At 31 he is outside of Seattle's supposed plan of young DPs with something to prove. Seattle would have to move one of their current DPs, most likely Blaise Nkufo, in order to afford him. But with MLS's odd rules Seattle can do this. It isn't impossible, just improbable.

Here's the best part.

As a Seattle sports fan I'm used to Ken Griffey Jr. in 1999, or Randy Johnson in 1998, or A-Rod in 2000, or Shawn Kemp of 1997, or Gary Payton of 2003. Stars don't come here by choice. They leave. Those that do come are young, and will leave when they can, like our own Steve Zakuani, Fredy Montero, Alvaro and probably many more.

Sure, Kasey Keller came here, for retirement. Blaise Nkufo isn't really a star. He certainly would not be on the short list of the best players at the past World Cup. Seattle doesn't get stud athletes at this part of their prime, not often.

The Sounders though are one of the premier organizations in their league. This is an organization of HAVES. In the remaining pro leagues here in Seattle, are we really going to think that they are one of the top 25% of destinations for peak athletes?


They get Adam Kennedy. They get Charlie Whitehurst.

Our Rave Green gets attached to Diego Forlan. Qwest Field might not yet be the destination for stars in their prime, but it is getting closer than any team in Seattle has ever been. If any team in Seattle can not just be a stepping stone or retirement stop, it is the one with XBox on its chest with Hollywood as its brain trust.

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