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One Million Strong

I'm not into benchmark posts. This may be because as I'm looking at game tape, browsing for stories or crafting a post the benchmark just passes by. This week a fairly major benchmark passed, and I noticed, but I didn't make a deal out of it. It would seem I should have, you see at some point on January 26th Sounder at Heart had its One Millionth Page View on .

It is fairly stunning that so many have come here over the last year and few months. A lot of it is because of the writers that have been added, and the community of which you have built.

Hopefully over the next year you'll see even more that draws you, and your friends in soccer, here.

We'll continue to give you interviews like we did this week with Brad Evans, Jeff Parke, Juan Cruz, and Josh Ford. We'll grant a tiny bit of insight into the current depth charts that now look to be 3 11s deep. Statistics that are relevant for soccer will continue to be a goal. Tactical analysis of matches will be featured. Other soccer in the Sound will get some coverage, but we will especially focus on the Reserves and Academy. There will be more gatherings, more t-shirts, more ways to interact over facebook or twitter.

While we may not be the first to the news the intention is that we provide context and relevance to all things related to Soccer in the Sound.

Thanks for being part of the first million views. We're the first soccer site to hit that mark on the network, and it is because of you.

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