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Open Flavor Fridays - Round 3


It is another Open Flavor Friday; to recap this is a weekly open thread to talk flavor.

We'll talk beer, wine, food and maybe other beverages. Others will talk coffee - I can't as it is my full time job.

Let's get a few things out of the way. If you are not of legal consumption age in your place of residence do not drink alcohol. Do not drink in excess, unless you are around people you know in a private place. NEVER, EVER drive drunk.

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So I spent some time with a cold. That makes tasting things a little rough. But something did cut through all the nasal clogging. I have to wonder why though. Seriously what's with the god awful flavors of cough drops. I don't need "cherry" or "wild berry." I need to breathe clearly. Quit with the purely artificial crap. A nice natural mint would suit all of us just fine.

Sam Adam's Belgian White is to Belgian White's as Sam Adam's is to Lager. Solid, approachable, rounded, not spikey. Like all Belgian styles it has too much yeast for me to drink often. The spice notes were mild and appropriate.

Cauliflower cheese, as it is called in Britain, or au gratin as it would typically be called, is a fine dish that a recommend. A pungent sharp aged cheddar and English style dry mustard provide the flavors while the cauliflower becomes almost like a macaroni base to classic mac & cheese. How I only discovered this dish this week stuns me as I'm a fan of cheese sauce.

What flavors did you enjoy this week?

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