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MLS Draft: Complicating the First Round

While things are going to get most complicated for Zac MacMath, who as a keeper has a history to overcome before he can prove that he's worth a first round pick and getting starts in 2011, General Managers around the league have the challenge of the internationals as well.

It seems that a few players are intriguing first round picks besides the standard GA guys. According to MAEAgency on twitter Marlon Ganchozo is a likely first round pick. The defender/midfielder has solid experience with LDU Quito with 53 appearances in last two seasons, he seems to be using MLS as an injury recovery program on a loan with option to buy program.

He's not the only international who seems to be edging up the rankings. John Rooney showed better than expected. Which might mean that he showed at all, as the expectations were that he was merely there for his last name. He's got a bit of talent though. Ives has him as a possible 1st rounder, depending on Monday's performance.

Estupian and Plato are also getting solid reviews. Supposedly the Los Angeles Galaxy are interested in Victor Estupian, while Jaoa Plato is a goal scorer after day one of the combine. They are each certainly 2nd round talents.

And now Matt Kessel, the Maryland Midfielder with time in the New York Red Bulls Academy, is not returning to college and not signing as an HGP. He's likely a first round talent if he enters the draft, and maybe another late GA addition.

This is going to be a draft that seems deep enough, and with teams that need more help now (how many of the top half pickers can afford to miss Playoffs two years in a row?) that it seems more likely every day that a GA player or two drops out of the first round.

Seattle's 21st pick seems more and more valuable every day. The Sounders could get two of the following players in this draft - Kinne, Rooney, Warshaw, Ganchozo, Tetteh or Ababio. With the two later 2nd round picks, and a third, Seattle could get guys in more of a developmental situation. Maybe I'm getting caught up in the Draft hype, but I like the way this is working out.

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