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Josh Ford On Waiting And Starting

Like many in the Seattle Sounders media I'm working on a post about Kasey Keller's time here. One of those I talked to was someone who just got his first 90 minutes at keeper this week for the team. While talking to Josh Ford we also chatted about his year and having to wait for his opportunities.

SaH: How'd it feel getting the 90 minutes?

Ford: It was good. You can just work hard in practice. With Kasey Keller in there who never gets injured, and it was unfortunate with Boss' injury but I've just been trying to stay positive, to stay ready while waiting for my time to play. It was good to have 90 minutes. I haven't had that for a while. It was enjoyable to be out there on the field.

SaH: Did red-shirting in college help prepare you for this year?

Ford: My first year when I red-shirted it helped me deal with not playing. Coming from high school where I was the main guy and then having to sit a year I took it into consideration with this year. It helped me a lot to keep my mentality strong and keep working and have that chance.

SaH: With a handful of games left in the season do you look forward to maybe getting another start against Monterrey or Chivas?

Ford: I'm trying to stay positive about it and keep working. If I get another game that would be a bonus. If not, it's the coaches decision and I live with it and keep working. Just show them that I can play here.

Shortly we'll have more from Ford as he talks about his captain, Kasey Keller.

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