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Nos Audietis, Episode 30: Might Kasey Featuring Adrian Hanauer and Arlo White

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We recorded on Monday so this week's episode of Nos Audietis is pretty much about all the festivities surrounding Kasey Keller's final regular-season home game. And what a game it was. Not only did Sounder at Heart host a pretty awesome little get together, but the Seattle Sounders treated the fans to a pretty impressive comeback victory that allowed Keller's day to be a real celebration.

Speaking of the S@H event, we spliced in several clips from both Adrian Hanauer and Arlo White's Q&A with the group. The plan is to release an MP3 of the entire event sometime soon, but if you missed it, be sure to give this week's episode a listen in order to get some of the highlights.

Beyond all that, we discuss the various MVP credentials of several Sounders players and we of course take some of your questions. Just a reminder to give @NosAudietis a follow as that is the best way to get your questions answered on the show.

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Intro music - Barcelona "Kasey Keller"

Outro music - Ending Music: "Lazy" - Gosprom ("Lazy" Single)

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