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Final 2011 US Open Cup Pickem Winner and Standings

Hey, remember that? Yeah, I was a little slack in updating our pickem game results after the final. It's possible that I only just recovered from celebrating Osvaldo Alonso's cherry-on-top goal. But there's no time like the offseason. . wait, what's that? The season still isn't over yet? Whatever.

Anyway, we had pointed out that the final would determine the winner of the game. bmvaughn used canny selections of lower division teams to race out to an early lead but then had to hold on while players who picked MLS teams started picking up points. And given the understandable love of the Seattle Sounders in these parts, when the Electricity Yellow kept winning those points piled up fast. In the end a Seattle loss in the final would mean that he'd held on just enough to win in a tiebreaker, but the reality of Threeattle gave the points title to our very own author and general Linkmeister Dizzo. If there were a prize (and maybe there will be? I dunno), he'd be ineligible for being an insider, since we at Sounder at Heart headquarters actually knew about the Sounders' victory beforehand.

So the official winner is agtk who used a concise 5-team roster that included both the eventual winners Seattle as well as the Richmond Kickers — the only lower division team in this year's competition to make it to the Quarterfinals. Congrats! We're looking forward to doing something along these lines again next year.

The final standings are below the cut, so it's harder to see that I tied for last place.

&nbsp Points Teams Left
Dizzo 19 1
agtk 18 1
bmvaughn 17 0
Jelky 16 1
Dylema 16 1
lefthand 16 1
quacker 16 1
yuniform 15 0
Timm 14 1
Colin Johnson 14 1
Dave C 13 1
asteroidblues 13 1
AVUrlacher 13 0
Oshan 13 0
Garrincha 13 1
ryan healy 13 1
Daniel Casey 12 0
JWAY 12 1
Colin MacLeod 12 1
Orothar 12 1
Shooter 12 1
TGos 11 0
Squared23 11 1
Little old me 11 0
wannascribble 9 0
Sam in P-Town 9 0
Cornchops 9 0
element1151 8 0
Jeff "Minnows" Kusowski 8 0
Reo Tsuchiya 7 0
Sidereal 5 0
swingman 5 0
Kalani 5 0

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