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Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us to all of, well, us have a Happy Thanksgiving. There's no way this site exists without this community of writers, commenters and readers. All of you mean so much to the way I follow this game. Thank you.

Thank you to the Seattle Sounders for the way they honor the game blending American and international traditions.

Thank you to the players for the way the step out into the community with honor, helping those in need and bringing joy to us all.

Thank you to the owners for taking that multi-million dollar risk. You've been rewarded, but so have we.

Thank you to the coaches who have made many more right decisions than wrong.

Thank you to the administrative staff for making this the Seahawks and Sounders in a blue and green partnership.

Most of all thank you again to this community. The other writers provide me with perspective, with other angles. The readers and commenters challenge us to be better every day. The administration of SB Nation help us grow. But in a year that has had so many real life challenges for participants here this community brings me joy every single day and I hope that it does for you today.

Have fun with your friends and family today. Hopefully the Canadian teams don't make a trade involving a Sounder on the holiday again.

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