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Vote To Ratify Alliance Constitution and Sounders Charter Underway

From the earliest moments of the young MLS Seattle Sounders FC franchise the team has spoken of "democracy in sports." The word DEMOCRACY has a power to it. It mobilizes men and women to do things that are previously unheard of. In politics it rears its head often, sometimes to surprising results. In sports it is uncommon. Real Madrid and Barcelona are trotted out as examples of what it can be with their votes on who runs the team and potential presidents campaigning by championing big budget transfers.

So when Drew Carey proposed that the Sounders have a modicum democracy I was very excited. In the early steps I ran for the Alliance Council, now twice elected to a position and the acting Vice-President. I'm only the acting veep because up until now the operating structure has been very loose. We're asking for your help in changing that.

Starting today and ending in barely under two weeks the Council and team are asking for people to vote to ratify the Constitution and Charter so our next steps along this democratic journey are done in support of the members of the club. While these documents are not perfect, and they certainly aren't Barcelona-esque, they are a great step.


We, the united fans and supporters of the Seattle Sounders Football Club, are dedicated to protecting, upholding, and furthering the interests of the greater Sounders community. For this purpose, we join together to create this Alliance, where we shall find strength in our common purpose: the success of the Seattle Sounders FC on the field and in the community.

There will be a lot of questions about the documentation, about the process and our next steps. Some I can answer as my own opinion. Others I will have to go back to the Council as a whole rather than speaking off the cuff, because no one speaks for the full Council. Our officers are organizational only.

Below is the press release. Feel free to ask questions. I am firmly endorsing a yes vote if you have one.

Sounders FC Invite Ticket Holders to Approve Membership Constitution and Charter

Alliance Council drafts statutes to bring 'Democracy in Sports' to life

RENTON, Wash. - The Seattle Sounders FC and Alliance Council, comprised of Sounders FC member representatives, have approved a constitution and charter and now invite all season-ticket holders and Alliance members to submit a vote to approve. The documents and voting information are available at

The online voting will begin on Monday, November 28 at 3 p.m. (PT) and conclude on Monday, December 12 at 11:59 p.m. (PT). Similar to previous votes, there is one vote per season-ticket account.

The charter and constitution will be ratified if approved by at least a two-thirds majority of all legal votes cast by Alliance members.

The Alliance Council and representatives from the front office recognized the need for a governing document that outlines the rights, responsibilities and powers of the fans, the organization, the community, and the relationships between one another. The Alliance Council drafted the documentation which has been approved by the organization.

Highlights from the Sounders FC Alliance Constitution include:

* An annual business meeting for the Alliance to provide feedback to the club;

* Opportunity to commend or critique Club through member resolutions;

* Recognition of Supporters Groups as unique partner in the club's success;

* Greater transparency in Alliance Council activities;

* Bylaws that govern Alliance operations.

Highlights from the Sounders FC Alliance Charter include:

* The right to decide on the retention of the Club's General Manager via an Alliance-wide vote as scheduled by the Club, but not sooner than every four years;

* The right to decide, via methods determined by the Alliance, two of the Club's charitable partners annually;

* The right to decide, via methods determined by the Alliance, matters regarding game-day experience;

* The right to decide other matters that primarily affect the fans' and supporters' game-day experience.

Membership in the Alliance is complimentary for season ticket holders, and non-season ticket holders can join the association for an annual fee of $125. Members receive voting privileges, a pin for years of membership, a membership card, discount at the team shop, information on matters relating to the association and the team, and an invitation to the annual meeting and season review highlight film premier.

For information on Sounders FC Members Association and Sounders FC season tickets please visit

Thank you for your patience, 2012 will be even greater than 2009-2011 have been.

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