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Now Who Should Win the MLS Cup, Sounders fans?

Despite a great total team performance that went a long way towards wiping away the shame of the awful letdown in Utah, the Sounders came up just short in their comeback attempt and their MLS season is officially over. So now who are you supporting for the MLS Cup?

Previous to this series Real Salt Lake was a popular second team in these parts, as they generally play a Sounders-like positive, attractive short passing style that makes for a much better game than most of the other teams in the league. But I'm sure there's a ton of hard feeling left after their incredibly negative tactics last night.

Thankfully the Rapids aren't available to kick around anymore, so we won't break the polling system by trying to record negative votes. Honorary Sounder Sebastien Le Toux has once again been unleashed for the Philadelphia Union. Sporting Kansas City might be particularly loveable since they keep letting us win in stoppage time. Rooting for the Galaxy might seem odd, but if they win they might declare their mission accomplished and David Beckham and Landon Donovan could both wander off to Europe. The Red Bulls winning would just be hilarious. Houston has some local connections with ex-Sounders Brian Ching and (Kent-born) Cam Weaver.

So who should get a star over their crest this season?

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