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Offensive Player of 2011

Last year we started a little awards series. Rather than an "MVP" we separated that into "Offensive" and "Defensive" Player of Year. Unlike the official awards of MLS these are to recognize play in all competitive matches. Both by vote (2010 - 69%) and proclamation (2009) Fredy Montero won the award.

In 2011 the candidates are more limited. The decision really comes down to how one views the sport. There's Montero again. He had 38 starts, 4 sub appearances, 17 goals, 12 assists, a 1.24 PP90, completed 70.5% of all passes, 61.6% in the offensive third, a goals plus/minus of 0.69 and shots plus/minus of 0.96. Fredy is clearly capable of great numbers.

The other challenger is Mauro Rosales. The Seattle Sounders found a #10, put him out on the right wing and found some one who could power the offense. He had 25 starts, 5 sub appearances, 5 goals, 14 assists, a .99 PP90, completed 68.3% of all passes, 56.6% in the offensive third, a goals plus/minus of 0.75 and shots plus/minus of 0.80.

Both appear in national writers short lists for MLS MVP.

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