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Coming Soon: Sounder At Heart Takes A Long Look At Offseason

As many successes as Year 3 had for the Seattle Sounders, just about no one involved in the team was satisfied. More to the point, they know that a similar result next season would be considered a downright disappointment. While we shouldn't expect massive off-season changes, it would be naive to think that this team will come back looking exactly the same.

Over the next few weeks, Sounder at Heart's writers will be taking a look at various aspects of the Sounders' offseason. We will examine where we believe the team will go, where it should go and how they can accomplish those things.

Among the specific topics we will address:

  • How the Sounders go about finding Kasey Keller's replacement and how that player deals with the subsequent pressures of following a legend
  • What the Sounders must do to make a strong defense into an elite one, while also getting more offensive production from their fullbacks
  • How they go about sorting out a midfield that is starting to look very crowded
  • Whether or not this team needs another Designated Player and how Mauro Rosales' signing would affect that

In addition to all of that, you can obviously expect plenty more in-depth features and analysis. If there's any subjects you're dying to see us cover, by all means let us know.

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