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Erik Friberg Option Picked Up, Other Options TBD

Erik Friberg's option means he will celebrate more goals with the Seattle Sounders in 2012.
Erik Friberg's option means he will celebrate more goals with the Seattle Sounders in 2012.

Swedish midfielder Erik Friberg's option will be picked up by the Seattle Sounders. Earlier reports out of Sweden indicated that Friberg and the team extended the contract, more accurately there is an option that the team holds. Today, during a post-season interview with Adrian Hanauer he said the following about the option;

We like Erik. We think he's happy here, but we'll sit down over the next bit and make certain we're not missing something.

Joshua Mayers learned that the option will be exercised quite soon.

There are other players with options, or who are out of contract, and Hanauer will have to decide which of those to pick up and which to leave open to the Re-Entry Draft. Generally pleased with the talent on the team, Hanauer indicated that there would be tweaks rather than wholesale changes, but they do have some flexibility to create room to add a piece or two beyond the replacement for Kasey Keller or the likely expansion draft loss.

There will be more flexibility than that. Some players are re-entry eligible. Some are at the end of their contracts. Some we could potentially trade. Yes, there is flexibility. We will have more flexibility [than just two players].

Once those options are picked up in December veteran player contracts will be guaranteed for 2012. Younger players could be cut in the early season to provide opportunity to add players during the season, but the current CBA does limit those options.

Hanauer's goal is to win multiple trophies in 2012. He didn't state specifically, but Coach Sigi Schmid on Monday indicated that the four on the table being considered are the CONCACAF Champions League, MLS Cup, Supporters Shield and US Open Cup.

Adrian also notes that consistency is part of what he thinks is key to developing a strong club, but that to get better there are a minor number of moves needed.

We didn't quite get there this year, but we're not that far off. That leads to the conclusion that a lot of the pieces we have in place are pieces that we need to keep in place and just hopefully compliment that core.

Hovering between recognition that the season was both successful and disappointing at the same time, Hanauer made it clear that this is a team that is very close to meeting its goals, and one that intends to hit them in 2012.

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