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Kurt Schmid Is A Magician

The Seattle Sounders talent scout and assistant coach is often just thought of as Sigi's son, this discounts his work efforts as recently profiled at A rare man of the Rave Green and Capitol Blue Ajah he hunts for players that hold that certain spark. He travels from Qalm (from where Cato is looking to succeed) to Shienar (a cold forlorn place where they are known to be good fighters). He pops into small local towns trying to find those wilders that are self-trained.

After traveling through the strange lands of soccer magic he then works with his discoveries at the White Tower in Tukwila. He and the Master of Novices (Ezra Hendickson) try to take these self-taught wilders from trialist to Accepted, a man who can play on the Reserve Team or early games in the US Open Cup. Or they find that novices aren't the right fit join the brotherhood of SSFC Aes Sedai. These men are turned aside, having learned enough to not hurt themselves or others. Many then play in other towns and villages where they contribute, some do well and get re-invited (pulling the Lamar Neagle).

No matter how good the search, not all discovered with a spark will be good enough. The search, like all scouting, takes a great understanding of the magical game, a little bit of luck, but most of all it requires a dedicated effort finding those that others see with talent, but also those who only you can see becoming great. Discovering talents from far and wide, helping coach those discoveries up this is why Kurt Schmid isn't just a scout and a coach, but a magician.

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