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Exciting moves ahead...

Hey all,

I am not dead! I repeat, I am alive (from another holiday season, no less).

I've just been very busy. Well, not busy, preoccupied I guess. I just like to pretend like I'm busy doing productive things, but I'm really not. I'll be honest. I suck at being productive, which is why I'm writing here again. To put off something else.

Nevertheless, I am here to reveal some exciting news!

There will be some exciting changes! In the very near... er, sometime soon... ish. Ok, I don't know when exactly, but I'm told it will be happening at some point. And, I can tell you it will involve the very best of the Sounders universe blogging here at The Seattle Offside and those other guys, at some blog called Sounder at Heart. I think those guys are actual journalists.

So yeah, I'll let you know more once it happens. Most likely though, I'll probably get sidetracked and you'll see of it/hear it before I ever get around to letting you all know.

In other news, it's been a very busy offseason, and it's not even January yet. Are the moves good or bad? Have we fired and axed the entire team? I have no clue! But, later on I will get in on some of dat action. Until then, go gsuwatch gsome Gspurning game gsaves.

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