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LSU Claims "Honey Badger" Is Likeness For Tyrann Mathieu

Anyone that wants proof about the arrogance combined with corporatism of NCAA need look no further than the recent claim by the LSU Tigers that "'Honey Badger' is considered a likeness of Tyrann Mathieu under NCAA regulations." Which is odd, because it's a meme people, you can't really own that (I'm not a legal expert, but that seems logical), and well Osvaldo Alonso got the nickname first, by a couple of days. Tyrann Mathieu as the honey badger first appears on April 1st (ha!), Alonso first appears on March 29th.

Sure the NCAA and LSU may have a claim when the colors and numbers and nickname are used. But to appropriate the entire 'athlete as honey badger' thing is just absurd. To quote the first story again;

Tiger District CEO Jared Loftus, who makes Honey Badger T-shirts, has not gotten a letter from the school, and he said, "This Honey Badger thing is bigger than LSU. In Baton Rouge, people associate it with Tyrann Mathieu, but if you ask people around the country about the Honey Badger, they're going to say, 'Yeah, I saw that video, it's hilarious'"

Get with it LSU, you have some great fans, quit trying to force them into your little pigeonholes. Let them have some fun. Having an Internet meme adapted to your team is an honor - go with it.

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