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Cascadia Summit Ticketing: Blame The Two-Day Ticket Option

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As many of you know, today's Cascadia Summit ticketing did not go particularly smoothly. Like many of you, I tried to buy tickets through Ticketmaster at 10 a.m. and was greeted with a message telling me that the two-day passes had not been released. I spent about 15 minutes trying to get tickets that way (I was being stubborn, I admit). I gave up around 10:15 a.m., but went back on about 10:30 to give it another shot. I instead tried to buy just tickets for Friday's match, and surprisingly was able to secure two.

I spent the rest of the day making phone calls in an attempt to figure out what, exactly happened. Those phone calls, unfortunately, did not yield many great answers.

I instead tried to create a timeline of event from Twitter. The combination of what I learned from those phone calls and the Twitter timeline suggest that two things were at fault: A very heavy demand and a glitch with the two-day passes. Quite possibly, no two-day packages were ever sold, which is probably an issue that should be addressed. Don't know that this will make anyone feel better, but here's my reconstruction of events as told through Twitter:

It all started innocently enough with messages like these just before 10 a.m.

Reminder: Cascadia Cup tickets on sale at 10 am! #Sounders @soundersfcfans @bp2uless than a minute ago via Echofon


The first messages of successful purchases then followed shortly after.

Got my ticket for the Portscum pre-season match. See all you beautiful bastards there! #Cascadia #Sounders #ECSless than a minute ago via web


Problems began to surface a few minutes later.

@EvRoKo I couldn't get Cascadia cup tickets either. at 10:06. #sounders could they really be sold out?less than a minute ago via web


Which then led to speculation that tickets were, indeed, gone.

damn I think these cascadia summit tickets sold out faster than a hannah montana concert #partyintheUSA #MLS #sounders #timbers #whitecapsless than a minute ago via Mobile Web


Shortly after, the word got out that the issue was two-day package related and that single-game tickets were still available.

ticketmaster is still selling tickets to Timbers and Whitecaps games. No double package yet.less than a minute ago via web


@SoundersFC soon confirmed the glitch.

@evroko Ticketmaster is fixing the 2-day pass glitch. We'll let you know. Keep trying in the mean time. than a minute ago via HootSuite


At one point, @SoundersFC said there would be 100 two-day passes available once glitch was repaired, potentially adding to the confusion.

@thomas513 The Timber/Sounders match is nearly sold out if not already. 100 2-game packs will be available once Ticketmaster fixes the bug.less than a minute ago via HootSuite


But, as many of us know, that never quite happened.

@cgrin Unfortunately because the Timbers match sold out during the Ticketmaster issue, 2-match passes are no longer an option.less than a minute ago via HootSuite


This led to another round of unhappy customers.

Really disappointed in the FO. That makes me sad. #soundersless than a minute ago via Twitter for Android