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2011 MLS Schedule

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Finally the schedule is out there (although the playoff format is still missing). Every single game, from March 15th to October 15th, is available on the Sounders website, where you can download the schedule onto your Android, iPhone, crackberry, etc. Also, if you use Google Calendars and haven't already, you can add the entire Sounders season schedule to your calendars by subscribing to it. So now, you have no excuse for missing any single game.

Cascadia Matches

Portland Home Saturday, May 14th 8PM ESPN
Vancouver Home Saturday, June 11th 7PM KONG
Portland Away Sunday, July 10th 2PM ESPN
Vancouver Away Saturday, September 24th 4:30PM KONG

Also, the Cascadia Summit against the Timbers March 4th and Whitecaps March 6th at Starfire will be streamed online on the Sounders website.

Get ready!