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This Week in Unnecessary Censorship: MLS Edition

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"I think this guy might have something special..."
"Look, we'll do it now for BLEEP"
"Go ask if they want to do it right now!"
"Our fall back is to do with Portland and f-BLEEP"
"We may end up selling the 11th pick for a b-BLEEP"

Yes, I know, the only reason why these are funny is because we are all just immature children with our heads in the gutter. Maybe me personally more so than normal people, because I was literally loling out loud. There's just something hilarious about watching MLS coaches sitting around a table all serious, with an extra intense DUNDUNDUN soundtrack like it's the dying seconds of the playoffs in an NFL Films documentary, and then out of nowhere an awkward *BLEEP*. Ehh, wait, what did he really say? See! It's hilarious!

But seriously, what is it with Dominic Kinnear? I just felt bad for the guy. Calling both Portland and Vancouver seconds before they made their announcements was kind of a cheap move. But the way that Spencer shut him down, "NO THIS IS OUR HISTORY". Poor guy.

*Updated: The fourth and final part of the series is now up, enjoy!

It's nice that these videos add a little perspective to the draft, and it really shows Sigi and Co. were on top of it throughout the whole thing. Nice!