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Preseason Gamethread: Sounders v Chivas USA

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This is the last match in the Arizona swing for the Sounders and they get to face Chivas USA a team that is rebuilding and drinking Corona! Wins and losses are not at all important instead, the shot for the trialists - Lamar Neagle, Seedy Bah and Jonathon Prieto - to be seen and make another statement before further roster reduction is the key.

Seattle has 31 returning and drafted players so roster limitation is an issue. It is likely they only carry 3 keepers, but even that gets them to 30. Adrian can use the Injured List to open up one more slot, maybe two, but still those trialists are more likely to go home than stay with the team.

Seattle has announced its lineup

Fucito Montero
Zakuani Fernandez
Earls Riley
Wahl Hurtado

This is another liveblog only game, and you can follow the Sounders statements here.