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Happy Monday morning everyone. It's time again for your regularly scheduled links from around the league. The big news in Sounders land involved the last training game on Saturday against Chivas USA. It was a training game that featured more of the senior team, but it was a trio of young players that worked together to get the Sounders the only goal of the day.

Young Sounders Key to Victory Over Chivas USA: Trialist Jonathan Prieto used his speed to beat the Chivas defense and played a great ball into the box for Miguel Montano (although it looks like Seedy Bah in the highlight video). The young winger knocked it to an awaiting David Estrada on the back post for the goal. Rookies Michael Tetteh and Servando Carrasco had good games as did Roger Levesque in his new position at right back. Leo Gonzalez was not available as he was in Seattle for the birth of his second child. Video highlights and interviews are available here.

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RSL Wins the Arnoux Lottery: RSL landed American striker Cody Arnoux despite having only a 5.4% chance. RSL now has the option of keeping the young striker as added depth for a long season or trading him for some allocation money to a team like the Vancouver Whitecaps. RSL will be unable to compete for lotteries next week for young players Chris Agorsor and Korey Veeder. The Sounders will be eligible and will probably have good odds for either striker Chris Agorsor or Korey Veeder. Korey Veeder is probably the more interesting of the two from a Sounders perspective. He's a fast, young right back on the US U-20 team who most recently played for Crystal Palace Baltimore.     

Sounders U-16 Rush the Crowd: Jon Danforth at Prost Amerika has a good article on the Emerald City Supporters showing at the Sounders U-16 Academy team during their game against Real Salt Lake's Arizona based academy team. The ECS die-hards braved the rain on Superbowl Sunday to cheer on the youth side. The  story ends with young striker Jordan Schweitzer diving into the chanting crowd during his goal celebration. The rest of the team joined their comrade to sing and dance with the supporters. It's this kind of love and support for the game that keeps older guys like Roger Levesque in shape and in the league.

Inside the SuperDraft: MLS Soccer has put together short videos on the SuperDraft focusing on the three Pacific Northwest teams. The first and second episodes focus on the predraft philosophies of the teams and the combine. The third episode is where things get interesting as the MLS uses its access to show the wheeling and dealing that happens in the first round. The fourth episode is the best of the bunch since it shows the Sounders, the self-proclaimed 'kings of the 2nd round', getting player after player on their wish list.   

Diversity Is the Spice of Life: Daily Soccer Fix has an interesting observation about clubs staying closer to home for preseason training rather than gallivanting off to foreign locals for preseason matches. Put simply, there are more domestic teams to practice against creating more diversity. It certainly makes more sense financially to play more games close to home or in popular training locales like Arizona.

Texans Duel With Soccer & Saliva: Apparently the rivalry between the two Texas clubs remains as intense as ever as a chippy training match between the two ended in 4-0 win for the Dynamos. Expect sparks again when the two meet in the regular season as there was an incident between Geoff Cameron, Brian Ching and Jair Benitez. According to reports Benitez spit in Cameron's face although it wasn't caught by the referee. Benitez replied later in an interview that Cameron spit first. Next match-up between the two will be at ten paces at dawn with a lip full of chewing tobacco as the weapon of choice.

More Good Preseason News for DCU: The Black and Red racked up their third consecutive preseason win over the Trinidad & Tobago U-20 team over the weekend. Charlie Davies continued to work back into form with an assist and two goals. Things are looking up for DCU although its hard not to when you ended at the bottom of the league last year. DCU dominated in the preseason last year and the year ended without much to show for it.

This Is the Year for KC: Andy Edwards at the Daily Wiz thinks that this is the year for Sporting KC to make waves in the MLS playoffs. A key to that ambition will be the play of Omar Bravo who looked good in a scoreless draw with the Colorado Rapids this weekend. In an interesting side-note the Rapids picked up rookie left back J.T. Murray after Sporting KC waived him. J.T. Murray was one of the more promising left-backs in the draft and one that was on the radar of the Sounders as well myself and Little Old Me here at SAH.   

Real Madrid at the Top of the Money Pile: Deloitte released a report on the 20 highest earning clubs in football. Real Madrid tops the list followed by rival FC Barcelona. Chris Savino at the Brotherly Game has a breakdown of the numbers. I scanned through the report but no mention of the Seattle Sounders!

Wonder-strike by Rooney to win Manchester Derby: I don't often put in EPL links here because so little of it effects the Sounders or the league. But this goal by Wayne Rooney is absolutely unbelievable.