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Random Wednesdays

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It's been a slow couple of news days as the Sounders took a couple days off after getting back from Arizona, and there hasn't been much directly going on with the team. So, I'm going to be starting a tag that will hopefully become a regular thing.

Wednesdays are the worst days in the week, right in the middle of the fixture list between league games so there usually isn't much to talk about. So to help us get over the hump days, I'll try and put in something weird or interesting every now and then.

Now, if you'll step this way into my time machine...

First, a fitting tribute to the no longer operating USL (but reborn as USLPro) and a look at the Cascadia rivalry

And with the NASL rising from its dusty ashes, we travel a bit further back

And of course, Soccer Bowl '77 featuring Pele and the Cosmos