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Revolution in FIFA? Grant Wahl v Sepp Blatter

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Likely inspired by events in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Algeria, Libya, Iran.... Grant Wahl, US soccer journalist, wants to shake up FIFA. He doesn't want you to take to the streets. He just wants a little bit of support.

And to run against Sepp Blatter for the Presidency of FIFA.

He outlines his proposal - including a dramatic increase in transparency. He notes the precedent - other journalists holding the post, lack of administration experience on the ExCo.

Sure, he would need the support of at least one Federation just to start. Then Wahl would need to gather many more to win. One would be certain that fans in a few nations would immediately support him, but fans don't make these decisions. FIFA is democracy by the elite alone.

But, so were a couple Arab countries a few days ago.


Sunil, make things right. Back someone who can change things for the betterment of our sport.