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Who are Supporters Shield/MLS Cup Contenders?

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About a week ago I summed up the layered competitions in MLS on twitter this way

Deep teams win Open Cup | Top Heavy teams win Sup. Shield | Lucky Teams win MLS Cup | Great teams make CCL knockouts

Well, with the SBN Power Rankings making a return any day now (as in Monday) let's just look at the two MLS league based trophies. Which teams would we call tier one this early in Training?

Do last year's Finalists re-appear? In some ways Colorado Rapids are stronger now then they were in November. FC Dallashas shifted talent around, though losing Dax McCarty may be heavy.

Are the DP heavy teams like Seattle Sounders, Los Angeles Galaxy, New York Red Bulls and Toronto FCon the list? Should Salt Lake and Columbus be on the list as they are CCL title contenders?

Yes, I'm kind of crowd-sourcing Tier One for the earliest of the power rankings.