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You Have Sounders Questions, We Have Sounders Answers

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Live Q&A now open.

The Sounder at Heart crew has been spending the last few weeks poring over preseason reports, attending practices and trying to figure out the intricacies of MLS roster building. For the most part, we've been sharing our findings with you. But there are surely questions that you have that we haven't directly addressed, or not addressed in the exact way you wanted.

Now is your chance to ask us directly. Dave, Sidereal, Brian Floyd (yes, he's now considered part of the crew) and whoever else stops by will be here to answer whatever questions you may have about the Sounders. We anticipate that most of that will focus on the upcoming season, but we're perfectly willing to get into other areas. Curious about Dave's take on the situation in the Middle East? Want to know what Sidereal thinks of the current state of statistical data? Curious why Brian would choose to go to school in Pullman? Wondering why Jeremiah is writing this post but not planning to be available for the Q&A? We'd like it to focus on soccer, but we're willing to go outside the box.

In any case, the fun should start around 8 p.m. (that's Pacific because that's where we live and suspect that's where you live, too). We'll probably keep it going until the questions stop coming in.