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Welcome to the Site - Here's how you use it

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This website has grown well beyond what I ever thought it would. I had dreams of having a 2nd writer - someday. Now, we have 5 listed, plus a few others that will pop in at times. There was a point that the only readers were family and cornchops, now there are so many I can't keep track.

The Q&A pointed something out to me though. There are a ton of readers who not only didn't read in 2009, they didn't read in 2010 as well. This offseason has seen continued growth, and not just from people familiar with the SBNation network.

So for you, I thought it would be good to introduce you to how to use all these awesome functions. And then I thought it would be a lot of work.

Good news - Cougars don't know how to use the web either. So Brian Floyd put together the best work I've seen on how a regular reader can use SBN to their advantage for his readers at

Most of you know commenting. But read that and we'll have less reply fails, more rec:s and catch those silly spammers quicker.

A few of you have posted a FanPost or FanShot, every author listed on the masthead actually did these to get noticed. Here's how to do that and be awesome. We like awesome. Here's how to do FanPosts, FanShots and Comments with Style. Most of you know me, I'm less stylish than they or LookoutLanding are.

Twitter and Facebook have helped all of us discover new things about the game, and about life. They've even started revolutions. Did you konw that you can use them to enhance your SBN and Sounder at Heart experience? Brian also talks about his role at SBN Seattle there. It is very similar to Jeremiah's role with  Kirsten and Aaron from also pop up here once in a while. Both write at those two portal sites at times, while also providing their unique perspective here. Graham, of can post here too, and also can post at SBN/Soccer. We'll always try and put things where they are the most appropriate, but as we've seen with Jeremiah sometimes a post there is a fanshot here, or a post here is a link there.

You can like Sounder at Heart on facebook HERE.

To follow the most frequent S@H authors on twitter you can find us at these accounts; Dave = @SounderAtHeart | Jeremiah = @JeremiahOshan | Sidereal = @SeaSoccerScene | Brian = @FloydCoug | SBNSeattle = @SBNSeattle

Thanks for joining us. Hopefully these links help you out as you learn how to take full advantage of SBN and Sounder at Heart.