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Preseason Gamethread: Seattle Sounders at Central Florida Knights

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In more Matt Gaschk powered Live Blog action we get only text updates again.

You can follow that HERE

There's a new player who will be playing midfielder. Trialist is well known for getting a look at hundreds of clubs, but so rarely do we see a man name Trialist on the pitch when the season starts.

With only two matches left before roster compliance day (March 1st) the bubble players should get longer looks today and against the Chicago Fire over the weekend.

If I had to name that bubble right now it would be Pat Noonan, Taylor Graham, Zach Scott, David Estrada, Jonathan Prieto, Juan Cruz and the 3rd keeper battle between Josh Ford and Bryan Meredith. Some may also see Michael Seamon and Lamar Neagle on the bubble, but for me, right now they are on the roster.

Here's the lineup

Montano Levesque
Tetteh Carrasco Martinez
Wahl Scott

2nd half lineup

Montano Neagle
Tetteh Carrasco Martinez
Graham Cruz

Looks like a few guys getting long runs. If Noonan gets two, what can White/Fucito do?