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Give Your Props to Arlo White

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As you probably know the writers here at Sounder-at-Heart believe strongly in supporting soccer and soccer coverage in the local media. It's extremely important to have solid soccer announcers and analysis when you're trying to build a new audience for the sport.

Luckily for us the Front Office has been on the same page and brought in Arlo White to be the voice of Seattle Sounders. I personally love his play-by-play style and the way he's able to integrate color commentary seamlessly into the action. He's far and away the best of the local announcers in MLS. We can only hope to get more great announcers and analysts like Arlo.

Now, after the jump, there's an opportunity to show our support for Arlo and soccer in the Sound.

ESPN radio, specifically Brock and Salk, are holding a single elimination online bracket for the best sports announcers and analysts in Western Washington. You can go to the bracket by clicking here. In the first round Arlo is up against Jim Moore. Let's pile on the votes for Arlo and show our support for both him and soccer in the Sound. Hopefully our votes will help convince them to feature more good soccer analysis.

Also in the first round, Dave Clark endorses Robbie Tobeck over Mike Salk. That will help clear an easier path for Arlo in the next round. There's also Seattle Sonics announcing legend and former Sounders announcer Kevin Calabro up against Matt Pitman in the first round. I'm sure Calabro will clear the first round with ease, but it never hurts to throw some votes his way!

In the comments let us know who are some of your first round favorites are.